Cooling & Heating Systems

Whether you drive on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, one thing's for sure: A properly-functioning cooling/heating system makes for a much more pleasant ride.

At Cottman of Garner and Raleigh, we recognize that your cooling/heating system plays an integral role in helping your vehicle run. Not only does a working system keep you comfortable while driving, but it also helps your engine and transmission function more efficiently, making for a much smoother ride. In fact, a poorly-functioning cooling/heating system can decrease fuel efficiency and compromise your powertrain.

If your cooling/heating system doesn't seem to be working, then come in to our convenient of Garner and Raleigh location and let one of our auto experts take a look. Even if your system seems to be performing perfectly, a checkup can provide the peace of mind you deserve to have before heading out on the road in all kinds of weather.

Call or visit us today to schedule a cooling/heating system inspection.

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